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Form Assembly for Salesforce

Learn how to build forms that collect constituent data and direct information using Form Assembly.

Find out why Form Assembly is one of the most effective and useful Salesforce-integrated apps for building forms and surveys for web and email. Form Assembly does more than just dump data into Salesforce, it recognizes when a Contact or Account already exists, avoiding duplication. Furthermore, while other tools may be able to create Leads or Accounts, Form Assembly allows the user to direct information into several objects from a single form, including Contacts, Campaigns, Cases, and even Custom Objects.

Leave with the confidence and knowledge to:

  • Open a Form Assembly account
  • Integrate Form Assembly with your Salesforce instance
  • Create both single and multiple page forms
  • Create a simple one-object form and multiple object forms
  • Avoid data duplication
  • Customize the response page
  • Use if-then logic to direct content to different users
  • Use Form Assembly’s prefill connector to allow users to update their own data within Salesforce

Salesforce Bootcamp for Nonprofits 101 completion, or equivalent experience, is a pre-requirement for registration. Contact us at (978) 232-9200 if you have any questions about this requirement.

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