Roll Call

Designed with educators and trainers in mind, Roll Call automates attendance tracking and record management in Salesforce to create a seamless data integration process.


Roll Call was designed with educators and trainers in mind, making attendance tracking in Salesforce a seamless process. No longer will you have to set up multiple sequences for recurring events, track attendance at each event, or spend time manually sorting through data – it’s all there once you set up your fields.

Roll Call automates bulk attendance tracking with your convenience in mind: fully configurable attendance pages, customizable fields (including photos and links), automatic record creation and management, calendar integration, and mobile compatibility. Whether you are teaching a graduate seminar or planning a series of trainings, taking attendance is the last thing you’ll have to worry about.


Automatic record creation for easy enrollment and attendance tracking

Automatic record management for dropping a student, cancelling a session, or cancelling a class

Fully configurable “Take Attendance” page with the ability to add whatever custom fields a client needs, including student photos and web links.

“Take Attendance” page’s colors are customizable, and each instructor can have color-coded events on the course calendar

Mobile friendly

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Roll Call & Attendance in Salesforce

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