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As part of our commitment to provide a full range of Salesforce solutions to nonprofits, 501Partners works with our sister software development company, Human Centered Apps, to create custom solutions that meet your needs. Below are a few apps that we’ve developed, available for your use.

What can we design for you?

Federal Poverty Guidelines for the NPSP

The Federal Poverty Guidelines App for Salesforce is a simple plugin that makes it easy to compute a family’s income as a percentage of the federal poverty line. Any organization that collects family income data and does program selection or reporting based on the federal poverty guidelines can use this to simplify reporting.


Built as a mobile Salesforce application, RollCall provides a simple and convenient tool for tracking attendance for your group, classroom, workshop or seminar.

Applicant Manager

Perfect for any organization requiring on-line applicants with internal and external reviewers, such as scholarship or grant making organizations.

Food Manager

With pounds being the metric of choice within agencies addressing hunger, the Food Manager allows users to track their food intake and distribution from mobile devices with real time roll-up into Salesforce.

Food For Free is a nonprofit whose mission is to distribute perfectly good food that would otherwise go to waste to those in need. We developed our Food Manager app for Food For Free and they are now able to track all of their food intake and distribution via tablets in their trucks.

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